Q : Tips – Confident Shopping

Image Credit: dappered.com

Confidence is the best outfit. It’s the only attribute that comes close to fit. With confidence, you may just be able to pull off an outfit that doesn’t fit. Just!

When buying clothes, it’s a good idea to only buy pieces that fit your body well; that’s before you even think about it’s colour and how inspiring/stylish/fashionable it is. Prioritize in this order:

  • fit,
  • colour and
  • style.

How many times have you straight away noticed someone wearing clothes that don’t fit well? If something fits you badly, it’s usually the first thing an observer notices. Style or colour will be ignored more often than not.

Once the potential purchase under consideration has passed the fit, colour and style tests, you can then proceed to its design, it’s quality and the branding. This should aid your decision whether it’s worth the money.

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