How it works

With the right blend of teamwork, craftsmanship and best-practice, we aim to be the one-stop-shop for customers looking to get wardrobe items that suit them, hassle-free. This page explains how to access our products and services. 

what we offer

for individuals

We make custom clothes for men and simple clothes for women. These include Formal and casual Shirts, Traditional wears (Senator), Agbada, Suits (or Jacket only), Trousers, Shorts. We also provide a style consultation service where we create a personalized style report for you.

for organizations

We make custom branded clothes (ask us about our best selling Formula 1 inspired branded shirts) that tells a short story about your company. View some in the catalogue. We also provide etiquette training for companies and brands.

need a custom work? let's talk

how to order custom clothes in 5 easy steps

Provide details about clothes to be made (fit, style, features and so on).

Pay 70% or full payment of your order to get started. (Bank transfer available, POS also available at store)

Your custom clothes will be ready in a week or less. (optional FREE Laundry). T&C’s apply.

Price list if we provide the fabric:

Price list if the Customer provides the fabric

Please Note

*Prices may vary if extra fabric is required. For an example, big body individuals may require extra fabric. Or in cases where the design requires a different colour or texture of fabric.

*Prices stated are for simple designs. Apart from Agbada, there’s an extra charge for designs requiring extra work like embroidery.

*Kid size is determined by the size and not age because some kids have adult size bodies which would require the same amount of fabric as an adult.

*The complimentary laundry may cause a slight delay on your delivery date.

Price list for Style report/consultation: N5,000 for a Plain style report,
N10,000 for a Standard style report and N20,000 for Grand style report.

How to measure yourself

When measuring yourself for a piece of men’s clothing, the most important measurements to take are chest, waist, hip circumference, as well as neck size, arm’s length, and potentially shoulder width.


Neck: To measure your neck, place the tape at the base where your neck connects to your shoulders. This should be just below your Adam’s apple. Assume a relaxed position and look forward. Put one finger between the tape and your body to ensure the collar isn’t too snug.

Chest: Wrap the tape measure beneath your armpits and around the widest part of your chest and shoulder blades. If someone is helping you, relax both of your arms down – this will help you to keep the chest in a natural state.

Waist: Locate your natural waistline by bending towards one side and finding the crease. Then, place the tape measure around your waist making sure it’s not too loose or too snug. Also, make sure that it wraps evenly around your waist. For a standard fit, put one finger between the tape and your body when you measure.

Hip: Measuring the hip and inseam for men’s pants or shorts is the same as for women. For hip, wrap around the fullest part of your hips and buttocks.
Inside Legs: For the inside leg also known as inseam, run the tape down from your groin to your lower ankle.
Outside Legs: Measure from your natural waistline to the hem.

Shoulder width: This one is best taken with a partner or you can take a favorite shirt that fits nicely and measure it. Measure from the back, not the front. Place one end of the tape measure at the point where the horizontal part of the shoulder and the vertical part of the arm meet. Then run the tape across your back mimicking the natural curve of your shoulders.

Sleeve length: Again, you might want to ask a friend to help you with this. Measurements should be taken from the back by placing one end of the tape at the middle of your neck and running it down your shoulder all the way to the “meaty” part of your palm, i.e. the thenar. This will ensure you have freedom of movement when you bend your arms.

Centre Back Length: Measure from the centre of the collar seam to the he