Style report for men

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3 Packages: Plain Style, Standard Style and Grand Style. All three packages include Accessory addition and Shoe matching. Only Grand Style package has a Closet Audit.

Plain Style (N5,000): I will create 2 Style looks and also tell you the best colours for your skin tone. Delivery in & days.

Standard Style (N10,000): I will create 4 Style looks including:
– Your best colours
– Your best clothes for your body shape. Delivery in 5 days.

Grand Style (N20,000): 7 Style looks including :
– Your best colours
– Body shape best clothes
– Staple closet shopping list. Delivery in 3 days.

Express charge for faster delivery is N5,000.

Description: Each person is an individual with an infinite number of physical features; whether at the bar or the boardroom, your image does matter.

By guiding you on the best clothes and accessories for your unique skin tone and body build, and by taking your personality and lifestyle into account, this style gig will give you simple to understand guidelines to help you make the right style choices every time.

We’ll also inform you of the right outfits for the right occasions.

Gentlemen, take notes and let’s get started today, shall we?

Requirements: Please provide a full picture of yourself with your eyes + hair visible and your body shape in view. It’ll be permanently deleted once the gig has been delivered. Please fill the questionnaire and tell me about your career/work/aspirations and the image you’d like to portray. This will help me understand your style requirements. All this information will not be shared with a third party. Thanks!

For a virtual consultation, pls select available slot on calendar

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