Shirting Fabrics

Shirting Fabric is a broad term used to refer to a variety of fabrics, where the fabric is generally tightly woven and less sheer, making them an ideal shirt/top weight. These fabrics are breathable, durable, pleasant to the touch, and comfortable to wear all year round. That is why high thread count and yarn dyed …

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The Air Tie

The #AirTie:Essentially, the technique is doing all the steps of wearing a tie, without the tie. You have to be careful about what shirt you use or you could come off looking dorky.Not a rule but the air-tie look works best with a semi-spread collar under a jacket.

Dining EtiQuette

Table Manners to adhere to: Place your napkin on your lap before the meal starts. Keep personal items (including your shiny or not so shiny smartphone) off the table before the meal starts. You should wait until all the guests are served and the host begins eating before you begin eating. I’d understand if you …

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