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Qollars (pronounced “Kollars”) is a Nigerian Clothing Company with specialty in tailoring Menswear. We initially started with made-in-Italy RTW shirts which we sold on Konga and from the boot of a car. Now, using your specifications, we make Shirts (casual & formal), Native wears, Suits, Trousers & Shorts, Boys clothes and Brand Uniforms.

We also make simple clothing for Women like simple senators, shirt gowns, office shirts, trousers and shorts.

Our strength lies in our formula: Simple, straight to the point and still personal. This includes unique ways in which we combine craftsmanship with a friendly customer service.

Don’t know what colours and styles suit you? We offer a Personal Style service for men by creating an easy to understand personalised report. This report will guide you on dressing to balance your body shape, narrow down colours and cuts that fit your skin tone and personality, ensuring you look appropriate at events.

Thanks a lot for choosing Qollars; we are delighted to serve you. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and like us on Facebook to support the brand.

If you have any inquiries or remarks, we would love to hear from you. Please email info@qollars.com or visit our contact page for information on more ways to reach us.


Founder : Okeluem Felix Onatu

Our mission is to all over the world


To be A Leading household Brand that is associated with top Quality and awesome Customer Service.


To provide affordable world-class wardrobe solutions for customers in a simple and accessible manner, supported with awesome customer service.

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