5 Cashmere Authenticity Tests​

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Cashmere is a wool fibre obtained from the undercoat of cashmere goats that are bred to generate wool.
Cashmere is rare and expensive because it is obtained once every year when the goats shed.
Unfortunately, there are loads of fake cashmere products in the Nigerian market or some that are not 100% pure.

Consider this post a quick guide to detecting real from fake:

1. The Dye colour: The finishing/end colour of authentic cashmere should be rich and full. Not shiny but radiant. Shiny may indicate the presence of silk. It shouldn’t be dull though.

2. The Material Description: If it says Pashmina chances are it’s not pure. Cashmere manufacturing laws require it to be labelled 100% Cashmere, however, loads of counterfeits with this label are sold to unknowing customers.

3. Softness: This is the main way to determine authenticity. if it’s not soft it’s likely not cashmere. It also shouldn’t itch your skin. Rub the product with your palms, authentic cashmere wouldn’t roll up from a hand rub. Although it will with constant wear.

4. Weight: Real cashmere fabrics are light. It’s amazing how light it is given the fineness of the weave.

5. Price: Last but not least, cashmere is expensive, if you find one that is not, it’s probably not authentic. Authentic cashmere is between N6,000 – N8,000 per yard at the current market rate. The cheaper variants exist to satisfy the mass market.

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